Budding Romance for Late Bloomers

Women's first marriages over 40, 50, 60
By Maureen Candace Fox

Budding Romance for Late Bloomers is a shining light to all women who have loved, who have lost, and who have given up on ever finding love again.

Maureen Candace Fox recounts her journey to love and marriage at age fifty-three—along with other women over forty, fifty, and sixty, who candidly share their secrets of letting go of their safely guarded independence to take another chance on love; the barriers they overcame; the circumstances that prevailed and their willingness to adapt; new perceptions and attitudes adopted; and fate, which intervened, turning their dreams into realities. Fox has gleaned snippets of information from the experts in the field of relationships.

We know that we cannot change our past, but what about our future? The stories contained herein will prove that love can happen when we have that burning desire to persist and make it happen and, in some cases, when we completely let go and focus on our passion, determining what it is we really want and need to make us happy.