Author's Information

Maureen Candace Fox, an Executive Assistant to high profile executives in the latter part of her career in Canada, turned aspiring writer for a small weekly newspaper in Tacoma, Washington.  Later on, while employed with the City of Palm Springs, she contributed to its monthly newsletter as a feature writer of employees’ achievements. This is Maureen’s first book.

Maureen met her husband, David, at age fifty-two, while vacationing in Cabo San Lucas. They married a year later, settling in Tacoma. She thought of herself as an anomaly, this being her first marriage, even though she had many single friends who had never been married. Her friends’ ecstatic reaction to her news prompted her to start gathering similar stories, writing this book with the intention of inspiring other women not to give up their dreams of marriage, no matter what age. She dispels the myth that women over forty have a better chance of getting captured by aliens than getting married.

After almost ten years of wedded bliss, Maureen and David made the painful decision to go their separate ways. “There’s the life you planned, then there’s what comes next” became her mantra. Change begets change; new doors opened and others closed. Maureen retired so she could reconnect with family and friends in Vancouver, British Columbia, during the summer months and to focus more on her creative side, such as painting and writing during her time spent in the desert. By writing Budding Romance for Late Bloomers, she hopes to reach those women who still have visions of becoming “Mrs.” She believes, “It’s not our age that stops us, it’s ‘attitude.’” After all, age is only important if you are discussing good wine or well-aged cheese.